Official launch of the new TimechainSwap UI is now live!

Today, we’re happy to announce the release of our new TimechainSwap UI.

We have been making great progress in the last weeks, including taking part in various AMA’s throughout the Fantom Community and setting the final date for our IDO on TosDis and our AME on Launchpool. We have been hard at work to make the long awaited launch of Timechain an all around success and are happy to share another big milestone leading up to our official public token launch on the 28th of September. Today, we’re happy to announce the release of our new and overhauled TimechainSwap User Interface.

Our UI incorporates every feature a user could need for swapping tokens, streamlining user experience and giving users an interface they are accustomed to. Paired with a clean and intuitive Design, everything complicated like finding the best prices and lowest gas fees, stays on our side while using TimechainSwap. Over the next days and weeks we will be rolling out new whitelisted pairs and announce them through our different social channels leading up to a permissionless DEX Aggregator where you can find any pair available on each network, make sure to keep an eye out and spread the word.

We have redesigned the dashboard of Timechainswap, to fit not only the swap-page, but also our upcoming platform features. The new Design comes in a default dark-mode and a whitemode and greets you with our known color scheme. The Swap pages comes with the usual features like slippage settings and a transaction deadline timer, as well as a 50% and MAX button to quickly assign a quantity to your wanted token swap. In the top right, you also get a quick overview of your Fantom balance right next to your wallet address to know you are logged in. When swapping a token you are also able to see your swap-route, so you can always see what DEX your new tokens come from.

Our goal was to give users known surroundings and enable them to use our platform without having to change their swap habits, but providing them to save time and money on fees with our routing algorithm, without even knowing.

TimechainSwap Details

TimechainSwap wants to be the most competitive DEX aggregator platform for multiple DeFi networks. Providing users with a more seamless and cost-effective tool for their blockchain activities will be a critical milestone in the evolving ecosystem of decentralized exchanges.

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